Project goal

Improve the knowledge base of local and regional authorities, NGOs and designers – landscape designers, to change their attitudes and provide them with incentives and tools to streamline the operation and good governance of local government.

The project will be implemented thanks to generous support of International Visegrad Fund from 1st September 2015 to 28th April 2017

Specific objectives

  1. To increase awareness of the target groups about the successes and failures of the V4 countries in regional and local development planning and governance
  2. Improve the target group access to the existing legislation and experiences of public participation in planning in V4 countries
  3. Contribute to the development of technical skills of stakeholders in urban planning

Planned activities

Organization 3 + 3 training seminars / workshops (Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova) in 3 + 3 cities, which will focus on:

  1. the legislation used, allowing and regulating land use planning in V4 countries (+ national, regional and local measures) – presentation of legislation and best practice.
  2. public participation and stakeholder involvement in the process of spatial planning (modeling and simulation)
  3. the technical means and methods used for the development of highly usable and accessible city land use plan (technical software – presentations and trainings)

Good Master Plan

  • allows good managing the city and region
  • informs and involves citizens in decision-making
  • provides space a clear signal to investors
  • respects nature and the environment and sets the conditions for local stability
  • full needs of various stakeholders and users

The regional focus of the project

Project partners

The project will be implemented thanks to generous support of International Visegrad Fund from 1st September 2015 to 28th April 2017


Summary of project DETLUP

The project aims to provide the so called Eastern partnership countries (representatives of local and regional government, NGOs and regional planners), valuable information and advice, why, where, when and how to prepare good land use plan for current and future economic and social development.

One of the prerequisites of good governance at local and regional level are transparent rules and policies strictly adhered to by the authorities, businesses and citizens. In order to place residential requirements (housing, services, shops, greenery), commercial and industrial areas (factories, shopping centers, industrial zones), govern the environment (parks, facilities, habitats), it is required to establish effective, respected and accessible land-use plan.


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